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Press release – We are making farmers’ voices heard

“The EPP Group is making farmers’ voices heard because we have made the European Commission come up with additional emergency measures for wine producers”, said MEPs Herbert Dorfmann, Anne Sander and Norbert Lins, EPP Group Members of the Parliament's Agriculture Committee.
“The Corona pandemic has hit European farmers hard and the EPP Group has asked the European Commission for stronger, well-funded and more effective measures to safeguard our family farms. To demonstrate this urgent need, we objected to a delegated act in committee last week as it was insufficient. With the promise of additional measures heard today, we hope to take a step forward”, said Dorfmann, EPP Group Spokesman in the Agriculture Committee.
“I am glad that the European Commission is preparing new regulatory and budgetary measures to help wine producers. These will include increased co-financing rates for promotion, green harvesting and restructuring measures, the extension of the planting period for the year 2020 until July 2021 and the triggering of the crisis cartel measure to allow actors to adopt agreements on quality requirements and joint promotion”, said Sander, Parliament’s negotiator of the rules governing Europe’s agricultural market.
“We very much welcome the move of the Commission to present a new delegated act. The European Parliament and the EPP Group have once again proven that we are fighting for our farmers. We hope for substantial improvements to the new rules to help European agriculture in these times of crisis”, said Lins, Chair of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee.