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Press release – As the pandemic continues, we support our farmers

“We welcome the decision to continue with the support and flexibility measures for wine producers adopted in spring 2019”, said Anne Sander MEP, European Parliament negotiator for the implementing rules governing Europe's agricultural markets after today’s vote in Parliament’s Agriculture Committee on additional help for farmers.
“The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for everybody, especially many farming sectors where the closure of restaurants and cuts in exports have hit hard. On top of the pandemic, the impact of US tariffs that Washington imposed during the term of the previous American President has added to the burden of European winemakers”, Sander explained.
“We will continue all efforts to make sure this help decided today reaches farmers as swiftly as possible. They need legal security and flexibility to cope over the prolonging period of huge uncertainty”, Sander continued.
“To secure the future of millions of jobs in the European agri-food sector, the European Commission must come up with a diplomatic solution to the current trade war with the US and with stronger and well-targeted support measures to compensate the most hardly impacted wine operators. We stand firmly by our farmers’ side”, concluded Sander.